06 Oct A Guide to Grinding your Beans

coffee grinding with the hario mini mill coffee chaser

For the first part of my home brewing education series I’d like to talk a bit about grind. Grind is the part of brewing that most directly effects the coffee’s flavor because it is specific to your brew method. A brew method’s grind is meant to place the grounds in their ideal conditions for what is known as the “golden cup”. When this happens you are able to taste the full complexity of a coffee. All those footnotes about grapefruit and cardamom will make sense and you will be able to fully appreciate your coffee.

You will notice that each number of clicks from closed has a range. This is because each coffee has its own natural flavor profile. Not to say that these flavors have somehow been added to the coffee beans, but the chemical compounds that make up a coffee’s flavor just happen to have similar shapes to ones that we know such as green pea, grapefruit or chocolate. This range of flavor can only be pronounced in full through proper extraction so a bean’s grind may vary a couple of clicks within the same brewing method.

The general rule of changing your grind is to grind coarser if you want it to be more acidic and finer if you don’t. We are aiming for 22% extraction from our grind. Any more and we will get more of the bitter compounds, which will overpower any more subtle flavors.

  • Frederick T Schurger
    Posted at 23:54h, 15 May

    Great article on a truly great product! I’ve been French pressing my coffee for about two years now, and not only is this Hario grinder great for that, but it works well for travelling too!

    I’m somewhat interested in your experience and thoughts on Turkish coffee, and whether this grinder will do the trick? You’ve indicated that the grind will work for espresso, with some even finer grades beyond that. Curious as to what you’ve found, or if this grinder even measures up to the full Turkish grinders. Thanks!

    • jay.steingold@gmail.com
      Posted at 16:39h, 16 May

      Hello Fredrick!

      To be honest I haven’t had much experience making Turkish coffee, but I would imagine it could get fine enough. However, if you are interested in making espresso or Turkish coffee regularly, I would recommend the Baratza Encore or another electric burr grinder because it gives a much more even and consistent fine grind.