About - The Coffee Chaser
A good deal of design, research and good old fashioned trial and error go into finding the best cafes and coffee.
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Why coffee?

Coffee is a natural mood booster, the subject of debate, and the first thing people think about when they wake up. I spent a lot of time in shops around the world and want to share my thoughts, advice, and  recommendations for other coffee lovers.

What is the coffee chaser?

 The Coffee Chaser grew from noticing the difference between cafes on our travels across the United States and abroad. The act of making coffee is a simple one. It seems like good coffee can come from anywhere these days, but there are a lot to choose from and so many passionate people along the way. So let’s all dive a little deeper into our neighborhoods to find the best coffee.


I’m new to coffee, what do you recommend?

If you like acidity/fruity flavors we’d recommend something from Guatamala and if you like an earthier/smokier flavor, then Rwanda is quite nice. An easy way to try a good variety is by finding a local shop that has cuppings or signing up for a subscription service.

Are you paid to review?

We do not accept paid reviews. Samples are welcome but we cannot guarantee a review. All reviews are 100% our honest opinions.

The Team

Meet Jay

Born and raised in Seattle, Jay has had a taste for coffee since he was a child (compromising with his mom for a substitution of Roastaroma tea and Molasses). While travelling, he has found a thrill in search for a great cup of coffee and honing his home brewing technique. You can find more of his coffee writing at moustachecoffeeclub.com.

Laura's face. She is very beautiful and is wearing glasses.
Meet Laura

Late to the experience, Laura is new to the coffee world. She immediately discovered she loves notes of chocolate, vanilla, and candied ginger. Laura leads the design team for ‘the coffee chaser’ and freelances for a variety of clients when she is not out and about tasting coffee.