14 Aug Anthracite Guatemala La Providencia

anthracite coffee roasters whole beans review guatemala la providencia label anthracite coffee roasters whole beans review guatemala la providencia

I came into Anthracite for their beautiful cafe and was pleasantly surprised with an open door to their large roasting facility. Freshly roasted beans were being packed into small plastic bags into small cardboard boxes, but no one could be bothered to write a roast date. While I do believe the coffee would have tasted better had it been fresh or kept in a bag that can breathe, my main complaints are in the roast- and that doesn’t change over time.

Tasting Notes

While the Guatemala La Providencia did have a nice creamy body, the overwhelming flavor was of brown. The clove and vanilla notes existed mostly as a pleasant aftertaste. I don’t normally put milk in coffee, but it complimented the strong roasty vanilla flavor and tempered the think lingering taste in my mouth. While the roast is a bit darker than I expected, it was an extremely consistent cup. Guatemala La Providencia would be an incredible single-origin espresso, but it falls a bit short in the arena of home brew.

Brew Methods

Hario V60   paper filter 12g beans 210g water 200° water 10 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

Brewing a darker coffee through a pour-over, especially using a goose-necked kettle, creates a watery version of the coffee. Truly I’m sure there is a different ratio that would taste better, but most of my freshest beans were spent in an Aeropress.

Aeropress   17g beans 270g water 200° 8 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

I didn’t dilute the Aeropress brew as much as I would usually and added a bit of cream to make a faux macchiato and it was by far the best way to enjoy Anthracite’s La Providencia.

Cold Brew   2/3 C whole beans 3 C water 14 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

In cold brewing a green apple flavor takes over. More on the sour side than I’d like and also not very good when mixed with milk. If I were to make it again I would wait a while longer- maybe 24 hours instead of 12. This coffee is meant to be served hot.

Final Thoughts

Anthracite’s Guatamala La Providencia is great for someone that doesn’t like a fruity cup of coffee, but if you’re more comfortable with blends and French Roasts, I would highly recommend this coffee. If you like a more tea-like cup, I would try their Ethiopia Sidamo. At Anthracite they usually have three different brews for sampling so stop by and check them out.


Coffee:  Guatemala La Providencia
Roaster: Anthracite Coffee Roasters
Region:  Huehuetenango, San Pedro Necta
Process:  Fully Washed
Elevation: 1500-1750 MASL

₩13,000 per 200g
Location for purchase

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