27 Feb Zoka Coffee Roasters Costa Rica Los Angeles

For over 18 years Zoka Coffee has been under the radar and ahead of the curve in the world of Seattle coffee. Unlike many of its 90’s coffee shop fellows, Zoka was quick to move into both single origin beans and slow bar service. Probably the best measure of Zoka’s slow bar program has been their expansion into Japan in 2006. Sadly Zoka has yet to move to another State in the USA, but maintains their local flavor.

Tasting Notes

I have definitely had Costa Rican coffees with more fruity flavor: a stronger citric tang and thin mouthfeel, but I think Zoka Coffee’s Los Angeles is more unique and balanced set of flavors. From the aroma you can understand the subtle sweet Mango and lemon notes, but it is not until you taste the brew that you get a different experience because English cucumber is more of a textural experience than flavor. The naturally buttery mouthfeel and mellow crispness of English cucumber make for both a refreshing and luxurious brew.

Brew Methods

Hario V60   paper filter 12g beans 210g water 205° water 10 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

 Like usual the Hario v60 yielded a fragrance stronger than any other of my brew methods, but this time I felt the flavor was stretched a little thin, especially when properly cooled. Not to say it was ruined, but it was definitely a mild brew.

Aeropress   17g beans 270g water 205° 8 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

With the Aeropress, the coffee’s excellent texture was emphasized. In playing with the ratios I felt it was easy to go too far and make a very strong, simple brew with an exceptional texture, but in that scenario most of the fruitier flavors were lost.

Cold Brew   2/3 C whole beans 3 C water 14 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

This coffee was meant to be cold brewed! The acidity of the lemon, fragrance of the mango and beautifully buttery texture with a crisp cucumber finish are all there. Nevermind the weather outside, brew this coffee strong and brew it cold.

Final Thoughts

Zoka Coffee’s Costa Rica Los Angeles is a beautiful taste of Summer without the characteristic thinness or brightness that normally come with many of its peers. It was roasted expertly with near-uniform color and no discernible burn marks, which made for an ideally consistent brew.


Coffee:  Costa Rica Los Angeles
Roaster: Zoka Coffee
Region:  Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Farm/Farmer:  Beneficio Los Angeles De Dota
Elevation: 1900-2000 MASL

$18 per 12oz
Location for purchase

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