3 minutes

17g coffee

200g water

Items Needed:

Aeropress filter
Chopstick or Spoon


One of the most recent devices to take the coffee shop and home brewing by storm is the humble Aeropress.  Creating a balanced and full bodied brew, it’s ease makes for a great daily brewer. We use the inverted method, as it doesn’t require as much measuring, timing, and weighing but still creates the same great cup. Let’s brew!


Step 01


Measure out 17 grams of coffee and grind to a table salt consistency,
or 7-8 clicks of the Hario mini mill.
For a visual guide on the size of the grind click here


coffee chaser aeropress tutorial measure


Step 02


Add your Aeropress filter to the filter cap. For an extra smooth cup we like to add 2 filters.
Wet your filters with hot water, around 190-200°F.




Step 03


Put the plunger in the top of the Aeropress, stopping at the top edge of circle 4.
Flip the Aeropress over and add your ground coffee.
Pour enough water to cover the grounds  (about double the weight of the grounds, in this case 34 grams of water) and mix with a spoon or chopstick.
Let rest for 30 seconds.


coffee chaser aeropress tutorial grind
coffee chaser aeropress tutorial saturate
coffee chaser aeropress tutorial stir


Step 04


Add enough water to reach the top of the Aeropress (about 125 grams at 190-200°F) and let rest for one minute.
Lightly stir with spoon or chopstick and screw on the filter cap.
Add your mug to the top of your Aeropress and in one swift motion, flip over the entire assembly.


coffee chaser aeropress tutorial filter
coffee chaser aeropress tutorial invert
coffee chaser aeropress tutorial inverted method

Step 05


Push the Aeropress downward, making sure you apply an even pressure.
Stop pressure when a hissing sound occurs, all of the water has filtered through and nothing is left but the bitter drops.
Remove the grounds by pushing until you cannot push anymore over a sink, take the cap off and push until a hockey puck of grounds pop out. To clean, separate the parts and rinse thoroughly.



That’s it! Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee.