Hario V60

3 minutes

12g coffee

200g water

Items Needed:

Hario V60
V60 Filters


The Hario v60 is a challenging brew method at first, but with a little practice you can create a fragrant and delicate brew. There are many varieties on the Hario v60 method, but this one allows you to get a wonderful flavor without risking too many beans if it doesn’t work out. Make sure to have a timer and scale at hand, these are key to a successful cup. Let’s start!


Step 01


Measure out 12 grams of coffee and grind to a table salt consistency,
or 9-10 clicks of the Hario mini mill.
For a visual guide on the size of the grind click here




Step 02


Fold your Hario v60 filter along the textured edge, leaving a firm crease. Lightly press open the filter,

but do not fold the filter again. This way it will stick to the sides of the V60.




Step 03


Wet the filter to get rid of any papery flavor. Discard the water and pour a bit of fresh

water in your cup to warm it.




Step 04


Add your grounds. If you want you can make a small indentation with your finger like you are planting a seed.

This helps the water stay in the grounds and not escape in the cup.

First, wet the grounds with about 50 grams of water. Add it gradually in drops if it helps.




Step 05


Wait about 30 seconds before staring your second pour, starting from the middle and moving toward the outside of your v60 until your scale is at 100g.

Slowly start your third pour at 1 minute in and continue until you have reached 200g of water.


coffee chaser v60 pour over tutorial pour guide



Step 06


Remove your V60 from the cup when almost all the water has gone. The last drops are always the most bitter and you don’t want them to affect your flavor.



That’s it! Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee.