23 Dec Coalmine

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Coalmine has one of the more unique setups I’ve seen. The bar area is in a dim and intimate building, tables pushed together just enough for you to squeeze by while the courtyard is generally for fallen leaves, the barista’s bikes and the occasional smoker. It’s lopsided arrangement as well as the brick arches and vine-covered walls made me think it was once an Italian restaurant. Regardless, there is a cozy atmosphere that isn’t present in a lot of the more modern-looking cafes in Seoul that make Coalmine worth the detour from the main stretch of Hongdae.

coalmine coffee hapjeong hongdae seoul review deep cappuccino coalmine coffee hapjeong hongdae seoul review interior

Coalmine is famous for their deep cappuchino whose thick foam top covered in raw sugar in cinnamon. Overall I thought it had a mild flavor from the milk ratio, not bitter and generally pleasant. It’s the kind of drink I’d want in winter while looking out a window or working on something at my computer. The problem being the only windows at Coalmine lead into the courtyard and it’s impossible to set up a computer. I also tried one of their Americanos and, to their credit it was also mild and smooth. I would say that Coalmine is a good shop overall, only for the close-quarters social experience.

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Atmosphere:  Cosy, Crowded
Beans: Roasted in Seoul
Price: $$

373-5 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 373-5

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