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Coffee Libre Seoul Korea Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Coffee Libre Seoul Korea Ethiopia Yirgacheffee

If you ask any coffee-loving ex-pat where to buy good beans in Seoul, they will probably refer you to Coffee Libre and, for purely quality, they would be right. Coffee Libre has taken a botique approach to roasting, often choosing cup of excellence beans and roasting them to near perfection. On the whole, their roasts are on the lighter side, but expect a wonderful bouquet of delicate flavors and don’t hesitate to try something new because just about anything at Coffee Libre is a good bet.

Tasting Notes

Ethiopia Yirgacheffees tend to be very fruity and this washed cheleletku from Kochere Cooperative is no exception. It’s silky mouthfeel left a sweet and pleasant aftertaste in my mouth. When sipping there was a bit of a tang in each of my brewing methods that enhanced the red fruit flavors almost to a cranberry.

Brew Methods

Hario V60   paper filter 12g beans 210g water 195° water 9 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

I tried to brew the Coffee Libre’s  Ethiopia Yirgacheffee a little stronger than usual. By having a finer grind and slightly less warm water I was hoping to get more of the berry flavors. It was a very tasty cup, but when I got below 190, the resulting brew was far too thin and the sourness took over.  

Aeropress   17g beans, double filter inverse method, 270g water 200° 8 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

The Aeropress gave more of a body to the brew, but the fine sediment over powered much of the berry flavor. What I got was an interesting mix of a full-bodied and very juicy brew.

Cold Brew   2/3 C whole beans 3 C water 14 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

As much as I love Ethiopia Yirgacheffee, I don’t think it was meant to cold brew. The brighter notes just aren’t strong enough and the wonderful body doesn’t translate well without heat. I felt like I wasted a good deal of good beans when I took my first sip.

Final Thoughts

Coffee Libre’s Ethiopia Yirgacheffee is a beautiful and complex coffee that has been roasted wonderfully medium. It’s brighter flavors shine in a pour over, but its body was most delicious when brewed with an Aeropress. If I didn’t like trying new cafes or I drank an inhuman amount of coffee, I would definitely get their subscription. At $60/month for one 200g bag every week, you aren’t saving much money, but they deliver so you save a little more than you’d think. The only downside to this excellent coffee is the price point, which, at $17 is worth it, but it is more than many people want to spend for a home brew. Their Cup Of Excellence coffees, while fantastic, will run you about $25. If you don’t mind spending that much on 200g of premium coffee, I’d recommend it, but, for the love of coffee, don’t cold brew it.


Coffee:  Ethiopia Yirgacheffee
Roaster: Coffee Libre
Farmer:  Kochere Cooperative
Process:  Fully Washed

₩17,000 per 200g
Location for purchase

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