21 May Fika Swedish Coffee Break

Garu-su gil near Sinsa Stations is one of Seoul’s nicer streets. There is no shortage of bakeries, cafes and foreign restaurants for ex-pats and college age Koreans alike. Sinsa’s Fika Swedish Coffee Break location is off the main drag and down a parallel street, tucked between two expensive cake shops. I would call it hidden if it weren’t so incredibly blue and Swedish.

Fika swedish cafe sinsa seoul macchiato lemongrass shake korea cafe

Fika design cafe soul sinsa mural sweden

The commitment to Swedish design runs through the cafe and down into the shop below. From the immaculate Dala Horse over the entrance to the dark blue walls and black tables, Fika Swedish Coffee Break tells you of its Swedish roots. There is also plenty of Swedish food to be had such as meatballs, pancakes, cakes and various meats on bread, all of which were so excellent that they overshadowed the quality of the coffee.

Fike swedish cafe seoul sinsa korea

While my espresso was acceptably smooth, there wasn’t anything to distinguish it from anything else in the area. I’ve had their coffee at a couple locations and it’s consistently good, but without different blends or single origin espresso. If you are traveling from outside the country I would say Fika Swedish Coffee Break isn’t worth visiting, but for ex-pats looking for some good foreign baked goods with decent coffee it’s wonderful.

Fika swedish cafe seoul korea sinsa lemongrass exterior

Fika’s specialty drinks are the true reason to visit. If you have a friend that doesn’t like coffee and always gets stuck drinking some sugary monstrosity, then Fika is a great fit. Their herbal shakes with flavors like lemongrass or rosemary are incredibly refreshing and pack a lot of flavor for being mostly ice. I would go back in the hot Summer or Spring, but I’d have to say I wouldn’t come for the coffee because there is usually something better in the area. Instead, I think of it as one of the cheapest brunches in Sinsa with some pretty good coffee.

Fika cafe seoul swedish design mural korea



Fika soul sinsa korea cafe swedish design

Atmosphere:  Brunch, relaxed
Beans: Roasted in Sweden
Price: $$

327-19 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 327-19
EDIT: This location is closed, but there is a Fika in Coex Mall.

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