27 Apr Heart Coffee kenya miiri

heart coffee roasters whole beans review kenya miiri label
heart coffee roasters whole beans review kenya miiri

Much like Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Heart has extended themselves beyond the Pacific Northwest. Heart’s whole beans are sought after by small coffee shops looking to bring a selection roasted around the country and Stumptown, though excellent, has gotten too big for a shop that wants something new. Not to say that their reputation isn’t deserved. I’ve had Heart coffee at Wright Bros Brew and Brew in Austin, Go Get Em Tiger and Brew/Well in LA and it’s always been quality.

Tasting Notes

This Kenyan Miiri is what I think of when I imagine Kenyan coffee: a juicy, tea-like silky body with notes of dried red fruit. I didn’t get the Earl Grey flavor notes fully because with Earl Grey there is always a bitter bergamot flavor and the Kenyan Miiri was almost sweet on its own. When it had cooled fully there was definitely a green apple sourness that I mistook as underextraction on my first several brews. If you like milk in your coffee, this isn’t one for you, but black the green apple note was nice.

Brew Methods

Hario V60   paper filter 12g beans 210g water 195° water 10 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

I would recommend the Hario v60 for all fragrant coffees and this one is no exception. However, I didn’t get as much floral or fruity notes as I would have liked. While it is tea-like and fragrant in aroma, the resulting brew is too thin and changing the ratio skews the flavor profile.

Aeropress   17g beans 270g water 200° 8 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

The Aeropress gave Heart’s Kenyan some much needed extra flavor. Please remember to not plunge until the very end because the dregs would make the resulting cup too sour

Cold Brew   2/3 C whole beans 3 C water 14 clicks on a Hario Mini Mill

In cold brewing the green apple flavor takes over. More on the sour side than I’d like and also not very good when mixed with milk. This coffee is meant to be served hot.

Final Thoughts

While it isn’t my favorite, Heart’s Kenya Miiri is impeccably medium-roasted with one of the most consistent brew profiles I’ve seen. That alone should sell Heart as a brand and I’d really recommend checking out their online store or even ordering a monthly subscription because, as far as I’m concerned, their roaster can do no wrong and having a good roasters means you will get the best out of a country’s beans.


Coffee:  Kenya Miiri
Roaster: Heart Coffee Roasters
Region:  Miiri, Kenya
Harvest:  Oct 2013 – Jan 2014
Elevation: 1850 MASL

$19 per 12oz
Location for purchase

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