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Apgujung Rodeo is Seoul’s answer to Rodeo Drive with lots of luxury foreign goods for about double the price. Like any other of the more expensive or western parts of Seoul, there is also a lot of good coffee. I’ve wanted to go to Klatch Coffee Roasters ever since our time in LA, but somehow it was be easier just to visit it in Korea. The cafe is a bit hard to find since it is off the main road a ways and connected to a decorated ice cream bar shop called Bardot. If you’re looking on Naver or Google Maps, it’s probably called Klatch and Bardot.

Klatch Coffee Roasters Seoul Korea Apgujeong

The space wasn’t divided evenly and that’s about right. It’s clear that Klatch runs the show and Bardot is just a feature. Behind a large wooden archway is a beautiful covered patio with wicker chairs and umbrellas. Bardot occupies a corner, practically underneath the stairs and on the second floor there is some evidence of Bardot, but mostly it is a coffee shop. I’d like to see how Klatch is arranged in Winter because it was perfect for Summer. Whether you sit on the patio or avoid the sun upstairs, you will get a healthy cooling breeze through it’s large open windows.

Klatch coffee roasters hand drip seoul south korea cafe

Klatch Coffee Roasters Seoul Apgujeong hand drip

Klatch is one of the only roasters I know of aside from Sacramento’s Temple Coffee Roasters that boasts their bean ratings. At first I thought it was a little tacky, but if you’ve gotten recognition for making exceptional coffee, why not let people know? There’s even a special section of their online shop for 90+ point coffees. Out of seven I have only tried the Belle Espresso, which was incredibly nutty with a dry aftertaste of dark chocolate and had a thick crema on par with Seattle’s Espresso Vivace. The Panama I chose was thin-bodied and juicy with mild citrus notes and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Since I didn’t see them make it I can only guess that they made the iced coffee “flash cold style where it is dripped into ice cubes because of the particular citric tang. Unfortunately they didn’t have nitro cold brew, but chances are I’ll be back to try their other varieties of espresso so I hope they have it together by then.


Klatch coffee roasters seoul south korea cafe interior

Reputation and neighborhood really denotes price, but considering their success in America and neighborhood, $5 for an espresso and $7 for a hand drip didn’t seem that crazy considering there are much worse shops in the area charging more. There were a couple of people on their laptops, but it looked like anyone working was collaborating with other people so Klatch isn’t the best place to get away and get some work done, but it’s an oasis from hot pavement and mediocre coffee.

Atmosphere:  Airy, Beautiful
Beans: Roasted in Korea
Price: $$$

8, Dosan-daero, 57-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-954

서울특별시 강남구 도산대로57길 8
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