31 Aug Namusairo Whole Beans Sample Set

namusairo whole beans review five sampler set summer label
namusairo whole beans review five sampler set summer
namusairo whole beans review five sampler set summer bags

Namusairo has been one of my favorite pour-overs ever since I tried their beans and when I heard they had packaged small bags of their offerings for the season I had to try more. Generally-speaking the coffee from Namusairo is pretty light. You won’t find a all-city or a dark roast because that is not their specialty. (Though I am curious on how they would approach it.)

Tasting Notes

Pearl Sisters is a blend of a washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a Panama Geisha natural that I would have never thought to blend together because they are so good on their own. Each coffee is a bouquet of fruity notes that blend together  to what I almost call a punch. I could drink this coffee every day and it was the first to go of the five.

Kenya Kii is what I’ve come to expect from a good Kenya: juicy, thin and aromatic with black tea and peach notes that intensified when I brewed with an Aeropress. I’d love to have tried an Aeropress long brew, but the sample size was small enough that I didn’t have the beans to try anything too strange.

Columbia Conte De Eldi was light and clean with a citric tinge and berry aftertaste. I liked in the most in a french press because even the Aeropress made it a bit too light and I think it needed more body to mellow its citrus flavor.

Ecuador La Cinco was the closest of the batch to a dark-tasting coffee. It’s caramel and dark chocolate notes coated the mouth with a lingering finish I was happy to have. If I were convert anyone to third wave coffee this would be the one to do it.

Indonesia was my least favorite of the bunch because it had an earthy flavor that was a bit too much when brewed with the v60 or Aeropress. I’m never sure what to do with such a coffee aside from blend it with something dark, but there must be a better way.


Final Thoughts

My favorite was overwhelmingly Pearl Sisters, but there was a great variety of beans roasted largely in the same style. I would love it if more coffee shops could put together samplers like this one for so cheap (about $28USD) because its nice to try a coffee shop’s catalog.


Coffee:  Kenya Kiangoi
Region:  Ngariama, Central Province, Kirinyaga East
Elevation: 1750-1850 MASL

Coffee:  Columbia Rodrigo Sanchez Pink Bourbon
Region:  San Adolfo municipality, Huila
Elevation: 1600-1860 MASL

Coffee:  Ecuador Las Cinco
Region:  Nanegal, Pichincha
Elevation: 1350 MASL

Coffee:  Indonesia Sabri Bourbon
Region:  Sumatra Aceh
Elevation: 1310 MASL

Coffee:  Pearl Sisters
Blend:  Ethiopia Lomi Tasha x Panama Gesha Natural

₩30,000 for 250g
Location for purchase

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