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Proper Coffee bar is a beautiful marriage of design collective and coffee shop. It’s a bit out of the way in Ogeum-dong, next to a couple of office buildings and an expensive Thai restaurant so there’s not much reason to be in the area, but I’d encourage you to visit because it’s much less hectic than most other cafes in Seoul. Its walls were a shade of tennis court green with naked ceilings and plenty of greenery. The crowd was mostly women in the early 20’s, many working on laptops or quietly chatting with friends.

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Our cappuccino was dusted with chocolate in such a way that it looked like a creme brulee. Their espresso roast was a milk chocolate that mellowed well in a macchiato. I’m not sure if I would get it on its own, but everything else was good enough that I’d be willing to try it next time. My only real complaint about Proper Coffee Bar was that all they had to eat was very small (but cute) pieces of toast that will run you about the price of a coffee. Since Seoul is nearly made of Paris Baguettes, I don’t think this is really a mark against Proper Coffee, but more of a warning to those thinking of setting up for the afternoon.

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Proper Coffee’s interior is part store where you can browse through a wide selection of Finnish-designed objects. Everything had a 70’s feel to it with a lot of browns and the occasional burnt orange or bronze while at the same time looking very modern- like a museum exhibition on Northern European kitchenware. It took me back to the vintage furniture stores in Portland. Though they had many beautiful things, a mug would set you back around $50+. So if you fall in love with one of their mugs, keep that in mind.

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Atmosphere:  – Serene
Beans: – Roasted in Seoul
Price: – $

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8-5, 오금동(Ogeum-dong)
Seoul, South Korea

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