04 Feb Tasting notes: Kenya


Coffee from Kenya is typically acidic in flavor due to the soil in its central highlands. Notes include citric fruits such as pineapple and grapefruit as well as spices like coriander and cocoa. Typically Kenyan brews are thin in body with a fragrant aroma and biting aftertaste. I have had great luck brewing lighter-tasting coffees such an Kenyans in non-steeping brew methods such as Hario v60 aka pour over, but the added body of an Aeropress or French Press brew often accentuates the non-citric notes, bringing another level of complexity depending on the beans.

The top two bean grades are Kenya AA and PB. Kenya AA are very large and grown at about 6,000 feet above sea level. PB, or peaberry, is an anomaly within any type of coffee in which the coffee cherry only has one bean instead of two. About 10% of coffee cherries harvested are peaberries. Peaberry beans, like the name implies, are usually smaller than their normal counterparts, but are also more dense, giving a unique concentrated take on the beans flavor.

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