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Zagmachi, near Eastern Seoul’s Konkuk University, is a coffee shop, lighting exhibition and photography gallery. While this may sound like a lot, I would say it is a more of a a coffee shop with nice lighting and some beautiful photography. Though it is quite a large space, the neighborhood has plenty of warehouse-style coffee shops that make Zagmachi seem cozy in comparison. One of my favorite parts of its layout was that the right side of the shops has many small working tables for one or two people as well as some larger clear-topped tables for exhibiting large prints, which make for some nice Instagram photos.

zagmachi coffee seoul review seongsu konkuk cereal latte zagmachi coffee seoul review seongsu konkuk details

My first taste of Zagmachi’s coffee was of a flat white, which was expertly poured and drank quickly enough to not capture on film. Their espresso, while lacking the complexity of other shots in Seoul, makes a good companion to milk. On second visit I tried a long black and, good gravy, we are missing out!(non-Australia/New Zealand rest of the world) A long black is basically a ristretto Americano with half the water so you get a very deep coffee flavor without any bitterness that is consistent throughout the drink. I do wish there was more depth to their blend, but I would say it’s surprisingly good.

zagmachi coffee seoul review seongsu konkuk gallery zagmachi coffee seoul review seongsu konkuk seating

One of Zagmachi’s strengths is of their non-coffee options. The cereal latte, a twist on the traditional Korean drink 미숫가루, which is a blend of roasted grain powders usually mixed with a sweeter. The cereal latte tasted like a very smooth and sweet oatmeal with a nutty aftertaste. Their green tea latte, made with macha powder from Kyoto, was also delicious. Usually I think green tea lattes are too sweet, but Zagmachi did it right. If you’re in the neighborhood and you want to kill some time on a date before visiting Kondae for some lamb skewers, Zagmachi is the place to go.


Atmosphere:  Open, artistic
Beans: Roasted elsewhere
Price: $$

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Seoul, Seongdong-gu, Seongsu-dong 2(i)-ga, 317-12
서울특별시 성동구 성수이로 88

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